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Knowing your results helps you and your doctor understand what’s best for your health.

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1. Directly through MyQuest

Receive easy-to-understand Quest lab results and more, directly on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop: 

  •     Schedule and manage your Quest appointments
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  •     Manage test results from your family or those in your care with My Circle
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  •     Share health information with your healthcare providers 
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  •     Organize your health information in one convenient place
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2. From your doctor's office

  • You can ask your physician to send you a copy of your previous test results
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  • During your next visit, you can ask your physician to indicate on your requisition that Quest should also send you a copy of your results
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Most test results can be shared by phone, while others are best shared during a follow-up doctor's visit and discussion. Work with your doctor on how best to share your test results. 

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  • 安排和管理您的任務約會
  • 管理您的家人或與我的圈子裏的人一起測試結果
  • 與您的醫療保健提供者分享健康信息
  • 在一個方便的地方組織您的健康信息


  • 您可以要求您的醫生向您發送先前測試結果的副本
  • 在下次訪問期間,您可以要求醫生在申請中表明任務還應向您發送結果的副本



While MyQuest will guide you through your lab results, it's important to discuss them with your doctor. Together, you two can decide what's best for your health. 

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We do not charge a fee to use this app. However, your carrier’s data and usage charges apply.


For Apple® iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android™
\r\nAvailable on iPhones running IOS 11.3 or later.


Download on the App Store 
\r\nGet It On Google Play

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對於蘋果®iPhone,iPod Touch,iPad,Android™
在運行iOS 11.3或更高版本的iPhone上可用。

在Google Play上獲取它


Unless otherwise noted, the answers to the following questions apply to test results by healthcare professionals only.

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COVID-19 RESULTS: Test results are typically available by the end of the next day. As testing conditions continue to evolve, stay up to date on estimated turnaround times.


If you are looking for your QuestDirect results, go here for more information. If your testing was ordered by your healthcare professional, your lab test results (performed by a Quest Diagnostics laboratory) will be delivered to MyQuest as soon as they are available. You can go to the Results page and look at the Pending Results section to determine the current status of your lab work. If it has been more than 5 days since you came in for testing, you can go to the Results page and click Request Test Results (or the plus [+] icon > Request Test Results on your mobile device) and then follow the instructions for requesting lab test results. 


After requesting your lab test results, a new item appears on your Activity and Results pages. The item on your Activity page indicates you requested a test result and the item on your Results page provides information about the status of that request.


Note: If you are waiting for lab results in CA, PA, OR, or MD, your lab results may be held for a period of time before they are released. This hold time is in place to comply with state-specific laws. 

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如果您正在尋找QuestDirect結果,到這裏了解更多信息。如果您的醫療保健專業人員訂購了您的測試,則您的實驗室測試結果(由任務診斷實驗室執行)將在可用後立即發送到Myquest。您可以轉到“結果”頁麵並查看“待處理結果”部分,以確定實驗室工作的當前狀態。如果自從您參加測試以來已經超過5天了,則可以轉到“結果”頁麵,然後單擊“請求測試結果”(或移動設備上的Plus [+]圖標>請求測試結果),然後按照說明的說明請求實驗室測試結果。



You can check the current status of your test results in MyQuest on the Results page under Pending Results. Test tracking cards appear on the Results page under Pending Results, and indicate where the test is in the process. Testing can be in one of the following states:

  • Test Ordered. Quest has received an order for your testing. After your sample has been collected, it will be sent to a Quest laboratory for processing.
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  • In Process. Quest has received your sample. Once testing is complete, your results will be ready for review.
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  • Physician Notification. Processing has been completed and your test results are being prepared. You'll receive an email when your test results are available for review in MyQuest. (In some cases a delivery date may be provided.)
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  • Canceled. This order was canceled on <date>. Please determine if testing is still needed.
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Note: If no status is available, you should see the following message At this time, we are unable to provide the status of pending lab results. As soon as we have status information it will be updated here. Please check back later.

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  • 測試訂購。Quest已收到您的測試訂單。收集樣本後,它將被發送到Quest實驗室進行處理。
  • 在過程中。Quest已收到您的樣本。測試完成後,您的結果將準備好進行審查。
  • 醫師通知。處理已經完成,您的測試結果正在準備。當您的測試結果可在Myquest中進行審查時,您將收到一封電子郵件。(在某些情況下可以提供交貨日期。)
  • 取消。該訂單在上取消。請確定是否仍然需要測試。


If you don't find the answers you are looking for in the FAQs, you can:

  • Access Quest Chatbot. The Quest Chatbot can answer many frequently asked questions about QuestDirect, MyQuest, and Appointment Scheduling. Quest Chatbot is accessible from the bottom of each page or by clicking the Contact Quest > Message Quest menu option. Once Quest Chat opens, just type your question. 
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  • Access the Message Quest form. You can fill out a form that sends a message directly to our customer support representatives. While filling out the form, please specify a Reason for Contact, as it helps us get the message to the right support team.
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  • 訪問任務聊天機器人。Quest Chatbot可以回答有關QuestDirect,Myquest和約會計劃的許多常見問題。從每個頁麵的底部或單擊“ contact Quest> Message Quest”菜單選項可訪問Quest Chatbot。一旦打開任務聊天,隻需輸入您的問題。
  • 訪問消息任務形式。您可以填寫直接向我們的客戶支持代表發送消息的表格。在填寫表格時,請指定聯係的原因,因為它可以幫助我們將消息傳達給正確的支持團隊。

We offer integrated results through Apple Health, CLEAR, and TrustAssure. If you do not see your health app listed, please click on the link below to share your request with us. 


Request a FHIR API

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我們通過Apple Health,Clear和TrustAssure提供綜合結果。如果您沒有看到列出的健康應用程序,請單擊下麵的鏈接以與我們分享您的請求。