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When a patient has a complex or chronic infection, care planning often requires convenient, easy specimen collection, comprehensive testing, and extensive support. With flexible tests and screens for a wide range of diseases, Quest Diagnostics provides you the actionable insights that help you provide the best care possible.


From hepatitis and tuberculosis (TB) to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tick-borne disease, and other infections, our testing menu is both diverse and innovative, accounting for resistant organisms and newly emerging strains of some of the most dangerous pathogens. You can also count on our suite of integrated services—including patient reminders and appointment scheduling—to optimize compliance during monitoring, treatment, and follow-up.

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當患者具有複雜或慢性感染時,護理計劃通常需要方便,簡單的標本收集,全麵的測試和廣泛的支持。對於廣泛的疾病的靈活測試和屏幕,Quest Diagnostics為您提供可操作的見解,幫助您提供最佳護理。

從肝炎和結核病(TB)到人免疫缺陷病毒(HIV),蜱傳疾病和其他感染,我們的測試菜單都是多種多樣的,抗性生物和新出現的一些最危險病原體的菌株。您還可以依靠我們的綜合服務套件 - 包括患者提醒和預約調度 - 在監測,治療和隨訪期間優化合規性。


The pandemic exposed the challenges and opportunities in enabling faster and more effective diagnostics for infectious diseases. While vaccines have helped to significantly mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, new variants have proven to be particularly problematic among unvaccinated individuals and high-risk communities.


As these and other barriers take shape during the return to work, school, life, and healthcare, the need for comprehensive, flexible, and adaptive testing programs is evident. While COVID-19 has taken priority, the lessons learned from the pandemic also bring new insights for prevention, diagnosis, and management of future epidemics.

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Make more informed, confident diagnostic and treatment decisions relying on our extensive infectious disease test menu. Our quantitative and qualitative assays help physicians not only screen for and identify pathogens, but help in assessing treatment response and drug resistance, and in planning appropriate care.

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In the United States, viral hepatitis cases continue to climb, disproportionately affecting younger patients and vulnerable communities. Many people are unaware of their infection, making screening even more vital. If left untreated, hepatitis can lead to adverse outcomes, from cirrhosis to liver cancer. Our extensive screening options, seamless results reporting, and clinical expertise are all designed to help you and your patients identify and manage hepatitis at every stage.

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Our HIV-1 treatment and monitoring menu offers a full array of tests for determining HIV-1 subtype, assessing antiretroviral drug resistance, and selecting the appropriate treatment. With assays for all stages of disease, we help you support your patients throughout their care journey, from prevention and screening to monitoring treatments. 

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Screening for latent TB is important for many patient populations, including those initiating biologic/biosimilar therapy, migrant workers, healthcare personnel, and school-aged children, among others. The challenge is that standard skin screens can lead to false positives, lost time, and higher costs associated with follow-up testing. Choose the better way to test, especially in cases where latent TB may be suspected. Get insights only a blood test can yield—easily performed in one visit, with one tube.


Tuberculosis tests:

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For seasonal acute respiratory tract infections, timely clinical decision-making is crucial. Molecular respiratory syndromic panels from Quest Diagnostics provide accurate, rapid, reliable results so that you can start the appropriate treatment sooner while maintaining antibiotic stewardship.



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對於季節性急性呼吸道感染,及時的臨床決策至關重要。Quest Diagnostics的分子呼吸道綜合征麵板提供準確,快速,可靠的結果,以便您可以在保持抗生素管理的同時開始適當的治療方法。

Cotesting for differential diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other common respiratory pathogens using a single specimen:

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\r\nInfluenza A/B and RSV tests:

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流感A / B和RSV測試:

\r\nSARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) tests:

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\r\n Respiratory panels/profiles:

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Patients with vector-borne diseases can deteriorate quickly, but early detection mitigates complications. Quest Diagnostics offers convenient, one-visit screening solutions that can detect infections, including Lyme disease, Zika virus, malaria, and others, whether latent or not. 


Vector-borne disease tests:

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患有載體傳播疾病的患者可能會迅速惡化,但早期檢測緩解並發症。Quest Diagnostics提供方便,一次訪問篩查解決方案,可檢測感染,包括萊姆病,Zika病毒,瘧疾等,無論是否潛在。


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