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Just as there’s a science to the tests your physicians select, there’s a methodology to improve lab productivity and efficiency while simultaneously growing clinical support and patient access. Through our work with hundreds of health systems across the country, we have developed a set of best practices for managing the challenges you’re facing right now. We can collaborate with you to help achieve your objectives, whether it's addressing the demand for more esoteric testing, a shrinking labor force, or escalating capital expenditures and supply costs. 

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Decrease budget requirements by 8%-15%1 while increasing quality and access\r\n"}}" id="text-fdfe5dac69" class="cmp-text">


By pairing twin strategies of lab management and lab stewardship you can accelerate the lab as a center of excellence that supports your health system’s clinical and businesses equally well. 


Our clinical integration solutions help you:

  • Increase revenue by performing reference testing at market competitive prices
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  • Leverage supply and equipment pricing to provide greater savings
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  • Move low volume, high cost, less time-sensitive tests to a local Quest lab
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  • Evaluate full-time employee requirements
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  • Drive efficiencies with quality assurance, increased productivity, and improved inspection readiness
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At the same time, you can also decrease unnecessarya test orders (and associated downstream care), and make more informed and proactive data-driven decisions about test over and under utilization across your organization. With this insight, you can focus your resources where they will help the most.


a The term “unnecessary” refers to testing ordered for a patient whose symptoms and/or condition may not support the need for the testing under generally accepted third-party clinical guidelines. Quest Diagnostics identification of potential unnecessary testing is intended as a guide to assist providers in identifying potentially problematic ordering patterns and is not intended to replace a treating provider’s medical judgment, based upon evaluation of the patient.


1 Data on file. Quest Diagnostics, 2021.

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  • 通過以市場競爭價格進行參考測試增加收入
  • 利用供應和設備定價提供更高的儲蓄
  • 向本地Quest實驗室移動低量,高成本,時間較少的時間敏感測試
  • 評估全職員工要求
  • 推動質量保證,提高生產率和改進檢查準備的效率


術語“不必要”是指針對患者的檢測,其症狀和/或條件可能不支持在普遍接受的第三方臨床指南下對測試的需要。Quest Diagnostics識別潛在的不必要的測試旨在作為幫助提供商識別潛在問題的訂購模式的指南,並且不旨在基於患者的評估來取代治療提供商的醫學判斷。

1個文件上的數據。Quest Diagnostics,2021。


當您在實驗室外麵思考時,診斷可以產生更大的影響。我們將與您的係統合作以推動更好的患者和醫院健康,就像我們為維持和平,Hackensack Meridian Health和Mercy Health一樣做了一些。



Laboratory services are critical to delivering high-quality patient care, but constantly changing reimbursement levels, rapidly evolving technology, and chronic shortages of skilled professionals can be daunting. We offer a compelling solution: laboratory management solutions that can be configured to meet the unique needs of your system.

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The past decade has seen steady growth in the number of hospital laboratory outreach programs serving physicians in surrounding communities. Outreach is a valuable community service, but also one that can reduce your income instead of increase it, if not managed correctly.


We can help you achieve a competitive advantage with our collaborative outreach models by working together to lessen your administrative burden and help improve the profitability of your outreach testing business.

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Health systems are under pressure to do more with less. We can help you determine the best ways to leverage our collective capabilities and resources—from logistics to phlebotomy to draw sites—and provide field services at fair-market value to your affiliated physician groups.


A shared services strategy also gives your health system the ability to offer a broader selection of esoteric tests—without the associated investment in advanced equipment and training.

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衛生係統的壓力較少,較少。我們可以幫助您確定利用我們集體能力和資源的最佳方式 - 從物流到校正繪製網站 - 並在公平市場價值下為您的附屬醫師集團提供現場服務。

共享服務策略還為您的健康係統提供了更廣泛選擇的深度測試 - 沒有相關的先進設備和培訓。

This outreach collaboration model builds on your organization’s strengths to better serve your physicians’ and patients’ needs. With a purchase testing agreement, Quest performs billing, logistics, and phlebotomy services to complement your in-house laboratory operations. 

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Lab stewardship is about gaining the most insights from your diagnostics to deliver the best quality care, drive down cost and complexity, and optimize testing. By connecting physicians, lab administrators, and medical leadership with actionable, real-time lab data, you can create a team approach to improving overall test utilization. Just imagine how helping clinicians order the right test at the right time can promote better quality of care and get you closer to the evidence-based care that improves quality metrics and financial performance.


Quest Lab Stewardship powered by hc1 can help your organization assess lab test utilization and cost, for greater insights and better outcomes.

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由HC1提供支持的Quest Lab管道可以幫助您的組織評估實驗室測試利用率和成本,以獲得更大的見解和更好的結果。